Thursday, October 14, 2010

Video: Dramatic Reading of JNF's CEO Response to Bedouin Demolitions

The Jewish Alliance for Change, together with its partners in Israel, will soon provide a formal response to JNF CEO Russell Robinson's highly inaccurate, misleading and evasive statements about the JNF petition and its 36 Israeli and American Jewish NGO sponsors. In the meantime, some delicious irony.

KungFuJew has this at Jewschool:

In response to a petition launched by the Jewish Alliance for Change calling on the Jewish National Fund to immediately halt their participation in the dispossension of Bedouin unrecognized villages in Israel’s economically impoverished Negev region, JNF’s CEO Russell Robinson responded with fiery indignation (full text below).

Jewschool founder Mobius juxaposes the statement over video of the recent demolition of Bedouin village al Araqib for a JNF forest. As aluminum huts crumble, Robinson claims JNF’s Blueprint Negev benefits some tens of thousands of Bedouin in and around select recognized towns. And as phalanxes of policemen shove the poorest of Israeli families from their homes (read: tents), Robinson charges further, “The NGOs and individuals who signed onto this petition did not contribute to the advancement of the quality of life of these residents; rather they seem to spend their time petitioning against those who are.” A heavy charge indeed given that the leading signatories are the NGOs providing services to Bedouin that the [Israeli] government does not.

Read the rest of his post here.

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